Londo Remote Control Holder with 5 Pockets - Store DVD, Blu-Ray, TV, Roku or Apple TV Remotes - PU Leather with Suede Lining - Slim, Compact Living or Bedroom Storage

Stay organized in your living room or bedroom with this 5-pocket remote control holder that helps avoid misplacing controls!

Tired of losing remotes in the couch cushions or stacking them up on your side tables around your bed? Then you need the Otto Angelino Remote Control Holder, a 5-pocket storage design that keeps all your favorite remotes close at hand and easily identifiable. Great for controls made for all your favorite devices, including the TV, cable box, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, soundbars and more, get one today and save space while keeping everything within reach!

Product Details:
 Remote Control Holder, Deep, Five-Pocket Design, Suede Inner Lining, Available Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, White, Green, Brown or Damson Leather, Satisfaction Guaranteed. 


  • Quick Access Pockets – This upright remote holder features five deep pockets that help you easily organize controls for all your favorite TV, movie and cable devices.
  • Stable, Upright Design – Slim, portable and with improved stability, the flat bottom one each control holder makes it easier to use on the floor or side table.
  • Premium Leather – Crafted with high-quality PU leather, our stylish design adds subtle class to your home décor without detracting from your style or layout.
  • Eight Available Colors – Choose from black, dark brown, light brown, red, white, green, brown or damson leather to better match your home’s colors, style or interior!
  • Improved Device Protection – Inside each leather control holder you’ll find a soft, suede lining that won’t scratch touchscreens or rub the print off buttons.



  • Black 600434891412
  • Dark Brown 600434891429
  • Light Brown 600434892549
  • Red 600434892556
  • White 600434892563
  • Brown 600434893324
  • Green 600434893300
  • Damson 600434893317